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Summer and Water Activities on Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

Summer and Water Activities on Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown. Get out and get active on Lake Wakatipu this summer. There are lots of water activities, attractions and experiences that you can do from our lakeside accommodation and apartment sin Queenstown... start here!

Spring in Queenstown, NZ

Spring is a delightful time to visit our apartments and accommodation in Queenstown New Zealand - Come Stay and Play with us this spring!

The Frankton Trail - a beautiful Queenstown Walk or Ride

The Frankton Trail is a fantastic easy commuting route from Frankton into Queenstown, swinging past our lakeside apartments and accommodation at Spinnaker Bay. Here are other ways to enjoy the trail by bike and foot!...

A Day out at Wilson's Bay

Looking for a great picnic spot, not far from the centre of Queenstown, to get away and relax on a pebbled beach? Wilson's bay is accessible by car, bike, bus and even by foot....

Sailing on Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

There's a lot of room to play on Lake Wakatipu, and sailing the lake is a beautiful way to enjoy the epic scenery from the shores. Here you'll find the links you need to organise a sailing trip and to sail safely!

Lake Wakatipu: The Taniwha & The Lake That Breathes

Known as the ‘lake that breathes’, Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown New Zealand features its very own ‘tide’, despite being landlocked. It's rumored that a great Taniwha's (giant's) heart still beats at the bottom of the lake causing its mysterious ebb and flow...

Lady Of The Lake TSS Earnslaw

Dial back the adrenalin when in Queenstown and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing visit on the TSS Earnslaw, enjoying the vistas from the waters of the Wakatipu and visiting Walter Peak Station

Special - Reunite In Queenstown

Queenstown's best apartments are offering a special rate on accommodation after the Covid-19 Lockdown has been lifted, so you can reunite, reconnect and rediscover friends and family in one location. Come Stay and Play in Queenstown!

Wakatipu Day Walks: Our Top Picks

Looking to stretch your legs and get out for a day walk around Queenstown? Here are our 4 top walks around the Wakatipu along the Queenstown Trails!

New Kitchens at Spinnaker Bay Apartments

Come Stay and Play at Spinnaker Bay Apartments in Queenstown and enjoy our fabulously renovated kitchens, offering spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu and beyond, in a great social environment. Come Stay and Play!

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