5 Great Places to Grab Brunch in Queenstown

Queenstown is so much more than snow.  Summer numbers and the vibrancy that comes with those lazy hazy days of summer attest to that.  But what if you're down here in Queenstown now, in winter and the mountains are closed?  Or the muscles and/or mental state just won't stand another day screaming down the slopes or waiting in a lift queue?

Well we believe that Queenstown has one of the best cafe scenes in NZ.  It really does.  The share quantity of top class, interesting, bespoke and culturally diverse cafes in a few square km's is outstanding.  There is literally something for everyone.  From the smaller street side kitchens selling empanadas and pork rolls to an impressive range of ethnic eateries - Queenstown has you covered.  So a locals delight is to have a little sleep in, take your time and cruise to a favourite cafe for a Breakfast / Lunch combo - Brunch!

There is also more than a real commitment at most cafes and restaurants in Queenstown to cater for a diverse dietary range - vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free, allergy challenged and religious beliefs - pretty much it's all covered.  And if you're not sure, then we urge you to just ask at the counter - kiwis are a pretty friendly lot who pride themselves on their hospitality, so you may find that a kitchen will prepare a meal more to your requirements.

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We also find, that on balance, cafe meals in Queenstown are a lot more healthier than in the cities.  While you may find 'sausage rolls' on the menu (a favourite kiwi classic), you'll probably also find that they are made with free range organic beef (or even vegetarian) and the ketchup the tradies slather over the roll, is replaced with a chutney made in house from organic tomatoes & non GM.  We seem to have mastered the art of delivering delicious and nutritious versions of classics.

So, when asked recently which cafe I'd have brunch at, well I hesitated.  There are just so many really really good choices in Queenstown.  But I do have my favourite few which we are keen to share with you.  In all cases, the food is tremendous, the owners and staff are like loving family and more so than not, the views are spectacular.  So if you need that winter break off the mountains and are keen to try brunch then try one of our top 5 places to grab brunch!

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In no particular order: 

Bespoke Kitchen

Just a short stroll from the centre of Queenstown towards the gondola, this is one of our favourites because of the amazing menu.  Your most difficult challenge will be making a choice on what to eat.  Run by colourful locals with a passion for their business, this award winning cafe has a relaxed atmosphere - vibrant on the inside and if the fire place is roaring, then cozy outside!



Boat Shed Cafe

A short stroll from our apartments, this converted boat shed gets the thumbs up as a real brunch location.  With inside dining and outside seating, the Frankton Trail lake front cafe is cute, with hearty local fare.



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Jacks Point Clubhouse

We like this cafe / restaurant because it's serene.  While it can get busy due to it's popular menu and al fresco dining, it's set on the edge of a stunning world renowned golf course, under the epic Remarkables mountain range and bordering Lake Wakatipu.  A brunch here just seems to remind you of your place in the world, while the menu really is that good! 



Akarua Wines & Kitchen by Artisan

Now this is a food experience.  Frequented by many Arrowtown and Queenstown locals, the renovated villa on Lake Hays road has a relaxed indoor and outdoor flow, set amongst fabulous gardens.  It requires a car, but you'll be pleased to have made the journey as the menu is exceptional and the staff professional and friendly.  This is the sort of place to grab a few friends and enjoy a long brunch!



Provisions of Arrowtown

This small renovated villa is home to some of the best morning baking in the region.  You simply must try their cinnamon rolls - they're world famous in Queenstown!  It's relaxed and super friendly and one of our all time favourites to read the paper and have a coffee!



There are so many cafe's offering a diverse brunch menu to sample - you really can't go wrong from walking into town or wondering around Arrowtown, Frankton or beyond.  These 5 are personal favourites that have stood the test of time - owned and run by locals!  We recommend taking the time to relax and enjoy the varying menu's...  a very kiwi adventure!

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