8 Reasons to Visit

To be honest, we love Queenstown and Arrowtown in every season, but October does bring a unique set of circumstances which lend towards less packed and more relaxed travel options. These are our top 8 reasons why Queenstown and Arrowtown are great reasons to #ComeStay&Play this year!

Warmer Days, Fewer Tourists, More Locals & Great Events in Queenstown

  1. The unofficial beginning of summer;  We know summer begins in December, but October is that time of the year when we pack away our winter wear and embrace the beginning of warmer days and longer sun hours. Mentally, it's our ‘fresh start’ month!
  2. Great photography.  It's spring in Queenstown so you’ll find lots of new fauna with warmer light tones for great spring photography
  3. Baby lambs:  Again... October is right in the middle of Spring, and what's not to like about baby lambs? And just outside of Queenstown, especially between Queenstown and Arrowtown, you should see plenty of them!
  4. Long Weekend:  Labour Day is Monday, October 24th which makes the weekend of Sat 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th a long weekend - the first since the start of June! We love October!

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5. Some great events

    1. At the World's Edge Festival (AWE Festival) - The classical music festival "The World's Edge" takes inspiration from its roots in the Southern Alps, New Zealand. With its spectacular views and majestic scenery, the festival offers chamber music lovers a chance to experience New Zealand alongside internationally renowned musicians, lifelong enthusiasts, and curious adventurers alike.
    2. Queenstown Multicultural Festival: A day to celebrate all the wonderful cultures which combine to make New Zealand, and Queenstown, unique. From music to street food, activities to craft stalls - this is a day to embrace cultural diversity! Saturday 8 October 2022 (https://www.facebook.com/Queenstown-Multicultural-Festival-101729755996750)
    3. The Remarkables Market: It’s back! With the start of October, we return to the Red Barn at The Remarkables Park for fresh local products, artisan crafts, market foods, live music and a really really amazing Queenstown atmosphere! Open every Saturday from Oct 1st 9 am - 2 pm. Free parking on site
    4. CycloRama is NZ’s newest e-bike festival hosted in Arrowtown over Labour weekend (22nd & 23rd Oct). With rides aptly named: The Hop Trail, Ginology, Pedalling Pinot, Tour de Gourmet, Awake with the Birds & Ride to the sky - it has the hallmark of a fun fantastic weekend of social riding! 

6. Calmer conditions = Better sightseeing:  Generally, the weather is warmer during the day, but still with cooler nights so layer up and be prepared for temperatures ranging on average between 16 degrees C during the day and 6 degrees C overnight.

7. Warmer days = better hiking and biking:  Absolutely this is when the locals come out to play with the mountain bikes and the trail shoes. It’s the ‘shed the winter weight’ month and you’ll notice a more energetic feeling around town.

8. Locals time: It’s spring, and the long cold winter months are finished but summer hasn’t yet started so it’s time for the locals to take a relaxing deep breath and come out to play after hosting the winter bunnies for three months. Here’s your chance to travel with fewer people and grab a table in that restaurant your friends recommended without the queues and waiting lists!


October is a great month to visit us.  Our accommodation and apartments are on the lakefront giving easy access to the trails around Lake Wakatipu for both hiking and cycling.  There are plenty of events on, a long weekend, and warmer days.  They should be reason enough to join us this October!

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