Christmas Day in Queenstown New Zealand

Are you one of our lucky guests joining us over the Christmas holidays this year?

Christmas Day in Queenstown New Zealand

We are officially counting down 8 weeks to Christmas so if you’re heading our way, then you can look forward to long summer days and warm evenings with spectacular sunsets over Lake Wakatipu.

Forget white Christmases and think shorts and tank tops, bbq’s and mountain walks! Christmas in the Wakatipu is a beautiful time of the year, with lots of normal adventuring on offer. We expect you to have questions about the holidays and we’ve done our best to answer these for you below:


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Christmas Day Q&A's

What’s the weather like in Queenstown during the Christmas holidays? Warm, cool, hot and breezy. Yes, Queenstown in December can be a mixed bag of weather predictions. On average, expect temperatures of around 22 degrees Celsius (72F) and evening lows of 9C (48F). Our recommendation - book luggage with your flights and pack layers for every occasion. It’s actually snowed on the surrounding peaks on Xmas day a few times in recent years!

How much daylight is there is Queenstown on Christmas Day 2022?
Christmas falls in early Summer in Queenstown so expect long warm days. And while the sun will rise at 5:57 am, and the sun will set at 9:34 pm - the ambient light will still be bright much longer than these 15hrs37mins!

Is Queenstown busy over Christmas with tourists?
It can get busy, but surprisingly it's a relaxed time and certainly not as busy as the height of summer or winter or during an event weekend.

Does the public Transport run on Christmas Day?
Unfortunately no. However, don’t let this stop you from coming down and heading into town for celebrations. Spinnaker Bay Apartments are within walking distance of town, and you always have the option of a taxi or renting a bike!

Are restaurants and eateries open on Christmas Day?
They sure are. your choices will range from pub-based food to higher-end eateries such as Rata or Eichardts.

Should I book a table if I intend to eat on Christmas Day
Yes, you absolutely should. Tables tend to book out early, so if you want to share Christmas in Queenstown, drop us a line as soon as you’ve booked your accommodation with us, and we can help you book a table suited to your taste.

How would you spend Christmas Day in Queenstown?
When we’re not looking after our wonderful guests, we’ve been known to head down to the town waterfront and enjoy a team or family BBQ in the sun, play on Lake Wakatipu and enjoy a southern hemisphere Christmas Day

What can I expect on the menu for Christmas Lunch?
To start off with, Kiwis tend to enjoy an early afternoon Christmas Lunch. From a restaurant, Christmas menus are generally a set price for a set menu which should include ham on the bone, turkey, a whole host of roast vegetables, fresh greens with mint sauce and Christmas cake or pudding.

Are retail shops and Activities open on Christmas day?
Generally not. It’s a real family day in New Zealand and most operators and retail stores will close for the day, and sometimes Boxing Day, the 26th as well.

I'm travelling with a young family, will Santa have a Grotto in Queenstown?

Yes, in previous years Santa can be found at Remarkables Park, at the Red Barn Remarkables Markets, or for a real cool treat, (pardon the pun), but Santa has had a Grotto at Minus 5 Ice Bar.   There is even a Christmas show which is well worth taking the family to.  Hosted at the Events Centre, you can find more information here

If you haven't experienced a sunny summer southern hemisphere Christmas day, then you're in for a real treat.  So #ComeStay&Play with us at Spinnake Bay Executive Apartments for a memorable Festive Holiday this year!

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