A Locals Shopping Guide - Queenstown

Where is the best....?

This post is meant to be a quick guide to the different geographical shopping locations around Queenstown.

I know that when I’m travelling I appreciate the insider knowledge on where to go and shop like a local – so here you have it.  Rather than describe the different shopping zones like most posts do, I’ve set about to answer a set of ‘the best place for..’ questions which may be a little more direct and helpful. 

Please remember this is my personal choice based on 12 years of being a local – others will no doubt have a different view but here goes:

The Best Place for Cheap Groceries?

Pack ‘n’ Save.  Use their boxes or take your own bags.  It’s a huge yellow supermarket with good produce, delicatessen food, meat, fish, and fresh dairy as well as rows and rows of dry food.

Shopping Queenstown PaknSave

Groceries - Convenience Vs Cost from Town?

Definitely Fresh Choice - They have great specials, are open super late and a short walk from town down Gorge Road

Where is the Best Place to Buy Winter Gear?

Well town is definitely your one stop shop.  There are a few large stores in town and loads of smaller ones.  No one is really any better than the other – they all sell a huge variety of winter sports equipment and apparel.  The biggest are Torpedo7 and Outside Sports but there are many great shops like Alta, Browns and Quest

Where is the Best Place to Buy Meat?

Neat Meat - At the Landing in Frankton – opposite Remarkables Park Shopping Centre.  Great butcher with lots of different cuts and will cut on request.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Fresh Fish?

Harbour Fish on McBride Street in Frankton – the only place I know that absolutely guarantees freshness – they catch, process, transport and sell their seafood – from the fisherman to your plate!

Where is the Best 'One Stop' Location for Food, Household Goods, Housewares etc?

Five Mile - a strip mall out just past Frankton.  You can get everything you pretty much need there including the best Sushi too!

You have a reasonably large and well priced super market called Countdown, a Warehouse - that is like an enormous discount shop with everything from outdoor stuff (BBQ’s and sports toys etc) to clothes and household goods.  There is even your staple and basic foods and necessities too.   Within the complex is a KMart, which is perfect for topping up your wardrobe with affordable but current fashions.  If you are here to partake in the outdoors there is a great shop called Mountain Warehouse which has everything outdoorsy that you may need at affordable prices from babies to seniors! There are tech shops and two generous sized cheaper ‘$2’ stores – our name for the cheap knock off stores where you get the cheapest deals on not so great working stuff.

There is an ANZ bank, hairdresser, nail parlor, sports store, more home stores, beauticians and a Laundromat.

There is loads of parking which makes the whole outing just that tad bit easier.  And as mentioned, a good café, a great sushi bar and a yummy juice bar too.

Where Would I go if I Want to Buy Something Special to Wear to an Evening Function or Something Unique?

To tell you the truth there is not a lot of options in Queenstown.  I know all the marketing says there is a great international array of shopping choices, but really, if you come from Sydney, London, Paris, Milan or basically any reasonably sized city then Queenstown will challenge you for choice and variety. 

We have a number of quirky stalls such as Nine, a few chain stores such Country Road and a few individual boutiques such as Ikon and STORM and Issimo.

Almost all of this shopping is in and around Queenstown Central – Church Lane, Searle Lane, The Mall and Shotover St.

I’m Backpacking and Just Need to Change Out My Wardrobe and Maybe Buy a Few Things for the Winter Flat.

Ok, time to confess that I am an avid second hand shopper and I have to say that Queenstown packs a punch for a great variety of second hand shops.  Because of its general affluent local population, it means that all things second hand are quite plentiful and of good quality.

For clothes head to:


For household head to

Shopping Queenstown Salvation Army Famil Store Spinnaker Bay 

And that is my quick guide to shopping in Queenstown when you only have a few days and just need to buy a few things urgently!  Save yourself some time and head to the right place!