Beer Worth Drinking - More Craft Breweries

It's 2022 and the craft beer industry is booming in Queenstown and Central Otago! it's exciting to see the rise of these creative and innovative brew houses and experience new batches as they're released.    We've done a few other posts on beer, breweries and brewers and we're excited to add more to our list.  Even more exciting is that these brewhouses are a little further afield, unique to their communities but are contributing huge flavours to this rapidly growing market!

Let's explore!


Seahorse Brewery

Married couple Claude and Jana are passionate about beer, the seas and all things equine, so it's no surprise they called their sustainable brewery in Cromwell the Seahorse Brewery!   they pride themselves on local, fresh and sustainable ingredients producing 250L batches of handmade beer!

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Manuherekia Brewery

Founded in 2015, Manuherekia Brewery is a boutique brewery nestled in the heart of Alexandra, Central Otago, growing its own hops and producing a range of unique signature tastes. Starting in the garage, it now produces high-quality craft beer named after places in Central Otago.

Wanaka Beerworks

'Life is Good' at Wanaka Beerworks! Creating epic beers from fine hops and local spring water, these self-confessed master quenchers of thirst are home to Brewski, Jabberwocky and loads of other creative craft beers - set against the backdrop of beautiful Wanaka


Ryhme & Reason Brewery

A creative range of fresh brews labelled after interesting people and places and even events.  Located in Wanaka, the Brewhouse was established in 2017 and has just gone from strength to strength.  Check out the Back gravity Series for an interesting read, a great taste and a good contribution to St. Johns Ambulance! 

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Ground-Up Brewing 

The company was named for the work ethic it takes to build a business from the ground up, and the beers are named after mountaineering routes either accomplished or on the bucket list of these master brewers. This Wanaka Brewery is award-winning and is creating a cult following as they slowly conquer the world of craft beer!

Catlins Brewery

Local, tasty and damn fine beer.  Catlins Brewery is based at Kaka Point in the Catlins, Southland and prides itself on using only locally-sourced ingredients (like Gladfield Malt and New Zealand Hops, Wrights Honeyon to create fine ciders and fine beer. 


Crimson Badger Brewing

Great mates make great beer, or should we say 4% alcoholic Ginger Beer called Ginger Bear...and hence, the Crimson Badger Brewing Company was created!  Add to that the crafty addition of a Mulled Ginger Bear and you have ginger beer all year round!