Common Christmas Q&A's for Queenstown and New Zealand

About this time of the year, we get at Spinnaker Bay Apartments, a lot of communications about travelling to Queenstown NZ for Christmas and what to expect.  Here are a few of them for you!

Q&A What are the most asked Questions about Xmas?

While the specific questions may vary based on individual preferences and travel plans, here are ten commonly asked questions by travellers considering spending Christmas in New Zealand:

What's the weather like in New Zealand during Christmas?
Probably one of our most common questions, travellers often inquire about the weather, as Christmas falls during the Southern Hemisphere's summer in New Zealand. They may want to know what to pack and what kind of activities to expect in the warm weather.  But warm is the answer - in Queenstown, although we are an alpine community, we can get very hot 28+ degrees centigrade.  Definitely pack layers though, because it's also been known to snow on Xmas day too!   The only real answer - is to expect the unexpected!

Are attractions and businesses open on Christmas Day?
No, not normally.  There are a few days a year which are absolute close-down days, and Xmas in Queenstown is generally one of them. In saying that, Queenstown is a tourist destination so you will find the odd place open.  We suggest, that if you are interested in doing something active (and by that, I mean not hiking or biking etc..) then you may want to plan your activities and check whether popular attractions, restaurants, and shops are open.  

What are the traditional Christmas foods in New Zealand?
Visitors are often curious about the local Christmas cuisine, including traditional dishes like pavlova, seafood, and barbecue fare. They may seek recommendations for trying authentic Kiwi Christmas foods.

Are there special Christmas events or festivals in Queenstown New Zealand?
Xmas is more a family affair in Queenstown, however, if you are here early enough before Xmas, then grab a ticket to the local Xmas Show at the Events Centre in Frankton.  Run by locals, staffed by locals, music by locals and with locals in all roles, it really is a community affair!  

Can I experience a traditional Maori Christmas celebration?
On the odd occasion, we get asked about a 'cultural Christmas, and what it entails.  We actually get a number of our customers interested in learning about or participating in Maori Christmas celebrations to gain insights into the indigenous cultural aspects of the holiday season.  And we love this!  Unfortunately, we don't have any traditional local Maori or Polynesian festivals for Xmas.  Check out our blog though for more of a local take on the festivities.

What outdoor activities are popular during the Christmas season?
Spinnaker Bay Apartments, Queenstown, based on Lake Wakatipu is the perfect place to base yourself for a relaxed Xmas holiday.  You can get out and walk the lakefront, either into town or in the other direction towards Frankton, drive to loads of world-class walking tracks or rent a mountain bike and enjoy the extensive network of trails!  And it's all free (except the MTB rental!)!.  

Are there any Christmas markets or craft fairs?
There are always markets in Queenstown!  They may not be like the Christmas markets of Vienna or Milan, but they are uniquely 'ours' and local!  Head down to the waterfront on Saturdays, with set up around 10am, or out to the red barn in Remarkables Park (Queenstown markets), on the Sunday before Xmas! At both Christmas markets, you'll be able to find unique gifts and experience the festive atmosphere with live bands and street vendor food like 'pigs in blankets (sausages in bread!). 

How do Kiwis typically celebrate Christmas?

Visitors often want to know about local customs and traditions surrounding Christmas, including how Kiwis celebrate, what activities are common, and any unique cultural aspects - so we've written a whole post about it!  So Check out 'It's a Kiwi Kinda Xmas' for more information!

Is it necessary to book accommodations and activities in advance?

Yes absolutely!  We recommend that you get in touch with us immediately and secure your lakeside apartments as soon as you can!  We get super busy so it's good to have the security of knowing your accommodation is sorted!  And remember, our Queenstown apartments have a fully equipped kitchen so if you want to have a swim in our pool first and then sit on your balcony and enjoy a family and friends Zmas meal in the comfort of your accommodation, you absolutely can!

These questions can serve as a starting point when looking to plan your Christmas experience with Spinnaker Bay Holiday Apartments in Queenstown New Zealand, providing insights into local customs, activities, and practical considerations for a memorable holiday trip.