Coronet Loop MTB

Welcome to the new Coronet Loop Trail

Explore over 50km of the backcountry on this epic singletrack trail, taking in stunning scenery, waterfalls, streams and historic buildings.

You'll be rewarded with incredible views of the Wakatipu Basin from the Coronet Face Water Race. Don't forget to fill your water bottle with fresh alpine water at one of the many river crossings! Immerse yourself in the history of the gold mining era when you pass historic huts and water races, then stop, relax, have lunch & soak in the stunning vistas from Picnic Rock.


  • 50km - Circuit
  • Time - 4-8 hours
  • Grade 3 - Intermediate
  • Start / Finish: Butler’s Green in Arrowtown
  • Climb / Decent: 1710 meters
  • Highest Point: 925 meters above sea level.
  • Bike Type: AM, XC, Gravel
  • Recommended Direction: Clockwise.
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Break out into the wide-open but uniquely Queenstown scenery as you tackle this epic day ride. Quickly becoming New Zealand's premier iconic backcountry mountain bike trail, it's for intermediate-level cyclists (both in skill and fitness) and above or confident beginners happy to walk their bikes on the odd occasion. While the trail is well-formed and marked, it is a more challenging experience than the rest of the Queenstown Trail Great Ride.

This is a two-way track and popular with walkers, so keep an eye out for downhill riders and hikers.

From Bush Creek, along the Coronet Face Water Race, weaving along the front face of Coronet Peak past the old Racemans Hut at Station Creek with fantastic views across Queenstown’s Wakatipu Basin before climbing up and over into Skippers Canyon followed by a climb to Greengates saddle. What goes up must come down, and you’ll head down past the historic Greengates Hut and then Deep Creek. At this point of the loop, it's worth stopping for a rest, and possibly lunch, at Picnic Rock with its amazing vistas. The second half of your trip will have you crossing over many creeks and across golden summer plateaus and between towering bluffs. Eight Mile Saddle will lead down to Macetown road before looping back along the Arrowtown River to Arrowtown.

And it's so much more than that.  To really understand the finer details of the ride, check out these two sites:  Queenstown Trails and Trail Folks

We also have a number of other mountain biking guides and as always, contact us for any further details and how we can help. 

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