Level 2 - Reduce

Level 2 - Reduce

Definition:  The disease is contained, but the risk of community transmission remains

As we head into Level 2 of 'Lockdown' we thought it wise to keep our customers informed of what Level 2 looks like for Queenstown.  As always, the best source of information is via the New Zealand governments Covid-19 website.  You'll find both a Summary Document and a Detailed Document - both of which are downloadable.  

More good news is that Air NZ will be resuming flight service to Queenstown.  So head to their site for more information.  And of course. don't forget our local council, QLDC for Queenstown updates.  

For us, we are taking reservations so please contact us for prices and availability.  And remember, we have a special Reconnect and Reunion special on too!  

Below are the Level 2 - Reduce guidelines as of May 15th.

Risk Assessment

  • Household transmission could be occurring.
  • Single or isolated cluster outbreaks.

Range of Measures (can be applied locally or nationally)

  • People can reconnect with friends and family, and socialise in groups of up to 10, go shopping, or travel domestically, if following public health guidance.
  • Keep physical distancing of two metres from people you don’t know when out in public or in retail stores. Keep one metre physical distancing in controlled environments like workplaces, where practicable.
  • No more than 10 people at gatherings (to be reviewed 25 May), except funerals and tangihanga, which can have a maximum of 50 people if registered with Ministry of Health.
  • Businesses can open to the public if following public health guidance including physical distancing and record keeping. Alternative ways of working are encouraged where possible.
  • Hospitality businesses must keep groups of customers separated, seated, and served by a single person. Until 21 May alcohol can only be served when purchasing a meal. Maximum of 100 people at a time.
  • Sport and recreation activities are allowed, subject to conditions on gatherings, record keeping, and – where practical – physical distancing.
  • Public venues such as museums, libraries and pools can open if they comply with public health measures and ensure 1 metre physical distancing and record keeping.
  • Event facilities, including cinemas, stadiums, concert venues and casinos have a limit of 100 customers in each workplace at any time, with 1 metre physical distancing and record keeping.
  • Health and disability care services operate as normally as possible.
  • It is safe to send your children to schools, early learning services and tertiary education. There will be appropriate measures in place.
  • People at higher-risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (e.g. those with underlying medical conditions, especially if not well-controlled, and seniors) are encouraged to take additional precautions when leaving home. They may work, if they agree with their employer that they can do so safely.


Remember, be safe and be diligent.  The battle against Covid-19 is not yet over.  But now, we can look forward, plan and travel!