Getting Around Queenstown

Queenstown is an alpine township of 15,800 residents nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu.  It's compact and delightful, and easy to navigate around.  Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions we get at the reception desk.

Getting Around Queenstown

What is the easiest way to get around Queenstown?

Given that many of Queenstown’s attractions are spread around the Wakatipu Basin, the easiest method of transport is by car. Spinnaker Bay Apartments Queenstown have excellent parking facilities - so let us know at the time of booking that a car park is needed.

How to get around Queenstown and transport options

What is the BEST way to get around Queenstown?

Public transport is cheap and efficient and runs on a reliable schedule, so catching a bus into town is stress-free. Queenstown is a network of only a square mile or two and is relatively flat, so walking about the city is simple and offers more opportunities to explore the excellent shops.

We encourage you to walk into town - we are nestled on the shore of the beautiful Lake Wakatipu, and the trail into town is designed for easy access while admiring the beautiful sights. Bring decent walking shoes!

Is There Uber in Queenstown

There most certainly is. No frills and the same service you have come to welcome in the larger cities

Tell Me About Ola - (Driver / Ride in Queenstown)

Ola is like Uber in that it is an app-based car service - and alongside Uber, they are the only two services licensed to operate from Queenstown Airport. It’s new to Queenstown, and the app is basically used the same way the Uber app is used, and to date, we have not heard of any negative feedback.

Is it easy to get around Queenstown without a car?

Queenstown has a lot of transport options:

  • Bus - There is a regular bus service provided by Connectabus - $2 NZD a ride makes for cheap travel! Schedules are available here
  • Taxis - Taxis are readily available and can be booked in advance.
  • Rentals - Renting a car or bike is another option to get around Queenstown.
  • Walking - Queenstown town centre is compact and can be explored on foot.
  • Water Taxis - Lake Wakatipu can be explored using water taxis which offer scenic tours.

How Much is a Taxi From Queenstown Airport or Frankton to Spinnaker Bay Apartments and Queenstown Central

You can expect to pay between $30 and $40NZD from the airport to our apartments and a little more if you intend to continue into Queenstown.

Can you Walk Around Queenstown?

Queenstown is small and compact, so it’s an easy and relatively flat town to walk around - it has a great waterfront, stretches past downtown, and takes in the majestic scenery of Walter peak and beyond.

Do you Have a Train or Light Rail Network in Queenstown

No, we have buses, taxis, water taxis, our feet, pedal power and uber / ride shares.


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