How to be a Mindful Traveller

Travelling responsibly an important part of the sustainability of our industry.  Read our post on how to make small changes to your travel routines to make big impacts in our local communities!

Caring and Learning

First, let's answer the why.  Because when you travel mindfully you slow down, absorb more, experience more, learn more and grow more.  And because this has a direct benefit to the communities in which you are travelling.  Mindful travelling is the opposite of sitting on a tour bus and watching the world outside slip past you.  it's about you as an individual permitting yourself to just 'be' and it's about the benefits that bring to destination communities.

It's also important to note that Mindful Travel means different things to different people.  it can be more spiritual for some and a more clinical process for others.  it truly doesn't matter as long as you care for your environment, minimise your footprint, leave positive memories and interactions with travel communities and contribute directly (and positively) to their social and economic welfare.  It's about caring and being responsible. 

How? - 10 Tips to Becoming a Mindful Traveller

Here are a few tips on how to be a mindful traveller.  They are just a small sample of a wide range of possibilities.  

1. Research the cultures you're coming to visit.  Learn a little more about them and be prepared and open to understanding their way of life without judgment.  Let go of the expectations of what you should do or see.

2. Spend longer in one destination - get to know your travel destination and the locals by straying further afield and staying longer.

3. Eat like a local.  Eating like a local is an amazing way to understand a culture as so many traditions, beliefs and customs are expressed through food, dishes and dining.  It also means putting your dollar directly into the pocket of your local chef/restauranteur or street vendor!

How to be a Mindful Traveller Spinnaker Bay Executive Apartments Queenstown

4. Buy local always!  Aim to put your tourist dollars directly into the pockets of the small service or product providers, ensuring they get value and recognition from their hard work.  

5. Travel authentically.  Try disconnecting from your digital and understand that experiencing the travel is more important than tweeting about it!

6. Practice Zero waste.  Travel with reusable drink bottles and utensils and buy fresh unpacked produce from street markets.

7. Be curious.  This is your adventure, don't be afraid to explore, ask questions, debate and learn!

8. Look after yourself first.  Stay healthy and connected to your journey, and then you can contribute to the wellness of others.  need to take a hike rather than that extra beer, then do so!

9. Travel Responsibly - pick your rubbish, pick up other people's rubbish.  Minimise your footprint and be part of the local solution to eco challenges, rather than a part of the problem.

10. Take this opportunity to reset and relax.  This is your time.  Disconnect and just be the best version of you that you can be.


These are just our top 10 tips.  Come back and enjoy more as we add them.  When you're in Queenstown staying with us at Spinnaker Bay Executive Apartments, we can help you find a place to get away and breathe easy.  We're here to help!