Travelling with Children to Queenstown New Zealand?

Travelling with a Young Family?

Recently, Queenstown’s reputation of being not only an adrenalin destination but also that of a party place has grown, and we’re not entirely sure it’s a true reflection of the Queenstown we know and love!

Our accommodation is a perfect place to base yourselves for the duration of your holiday and vacation stay. We have easy access to the walking tracks into town, away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads, a great swimming pool to entertain the kids in all day, and of course, our family-friendly hotel apartment rooms are self-catering with fantastic kitchens and comfortable lounges for those relaxing moments ‘at home’!  It all adds up to a stress-free Stay in Queenstown!

Travelling with Children to Queenstown New Zealand?

As long-term locals, we can still strongly recommend that if you are looking for a fun place to bring your young family on holiday, then Queenstown has something relaxed and something adventurous for every member of your family!

Nestled under towering alpine mountains and boarded by a beautiful lake, Queenstown has stunning natural landscapes that can be easily explored via tours, by foot and by bike and most importantly - with a buggy!. And the huge amount of outdoor activities is pleasantly matched by some super fun indoor ones! There are so many things to do, see and experience with a young family, that are 100% children friendly, that you won’t get bored!

Spinnaker Bays Queenstown with kids

What makes it so easy to holiday in Queenstown with Children?

In terms of accessibility, Queenstown is a relatively compact town, making it easy to navigate with young children. The town centre is pedestrian-friendly, with sidewalks and crosswalks making it safe and accessible for families to explore on foot or with strollers. This also means that many in-town attractions are quite close to each other and walkable from our apartments!

A quick note - the pedestrian-only areas are generally cobblestoned so make sure your stroller has rubber tyres to absorb the vibrations! Bring a rain cover and a sun cover too - Queenstown is famous for having 4 seasons in 1 day!

In terms of entertainment, Queenstown offers a wide range of activities designed for families with young children. From scenic lake cruises, visiting farms, and enjoying gentle nature walks to interactive museums and playgrounds, cinemas and indoor theme parks, there are plenty of options to keep kids entertained. Come back for a post on recommended activities in the next few days!

Queenstown boasts a variety of family-friendly dining options too, with many restaurants and cafes offering children's menus and welcoming atmospheres. Whether you're craving pizza, burgers, or international cuisine, you'll find options to suit every taste and budget.

And, more importantly, you’ll also find a pretty good range of public facilities in Queenstown. There are many public restrooms with changing tables, companies that specialise in baby gear rental services, and the medical facilities are centrally located and rather impressive.

Overall, Queenstown provides a welcoming and family-friendly environment that makes it easy for parents to explore and enjoy the town with young children. With its range of activities, amenities, and beautiful surroundings, Queenstown offers memorable experiences for families seeking adventure, relaxation, and quality time together.

So, over the next few posts, we're going to give you our recommendations for things to do with your young family in Queenstown. Come back next week (and the week after..) for articles on:

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So despite the rather rowdy reputation that can accompany Queenstown's short-stay visitors, it is a welcoming community to families travelling to enjoy our amazing environment!

Come back for more posts about enjoying Queenstown New Zealand with your family!

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