Finding the best spot for coffee in Queenstown

Kick start your ski day with coffee

It is hard to argue that ski season for many of us means dancing till late, getting up way too early, bleary eyed and heading up the slopes. With that in mind here is our run down to kick starting your ski day with a cup of the black stuff - coffee!

Like most of New Zealand, Queenstown has a vibrant coffee culture. Here is just a selection of the best places to assist with levering those eyes open with a cup of Joe.

bespoke kitchen queenstown

Bespoke Kitchen

Voted New Zealand’s best cafe in 2016 Bespoke Kitchen is situated up besides the Skyline Gondola. Serving up Allpress coffee and a sumptuous dining menu this is one of Queenstown cool spots to see and be seen. If you are not looking for a quick coffee on the run then this is the spot to while away a few hours enjoying the atmosphere and quality food.

vudu larder queenstown

Vudu Cafe

Right in the middle of town and by the same owners as Bespoke Kitchen - which means quality Allpress coffee and exceptional food. Vudu has really vibrant atmosphere but can be a little squashed as it is so popular. Great baristas however mean that grabbing a coffee on the run is very easy.

joes garage queenstown

Joes Garage

Hidden away in the back of Searle Lane, Joes Garage has been a favourite for locals and visitors to Queenstown for a long long time. Strong double shot coffees are served with a healthy dose of cutting Kiwi humour. The breakfasts are great quality too!

odelay remarkables park


If you are on your way to the Remarkables then our cafe of choice is Odelay in Remarkables Park. This cafe attracts everyone from mum’s post school drop off readying for their morning fitness to business folk holding informal meetings. While their coffees are good it is their juices and smoothies which will give you the energy you need for a day’s activities.

peak espresso queenstown

Peak Espresso

Sometimes there really is no time to be hanging out in a cafe - you just have to hit the slopes and get that pow pow. But there is no way the body will allow such activity without a really good really strong coffee. Step up Peak Espresso on Gorge Rd - right on your way to Coronet Peak. These guys are coffee aficionados - no flash food here, just their own superbly roasted coffee.

chop shop eggs

Chop Shop

If you are in Arrowtown you either missed the skifields, are adventuring on a day off, or didn’t make it home last night!! Fortunately whatever the situation good quality coffee is still at hand at Chop Shop. A very trendy cafe filled with locals and visitors enjoying great coffee and an eclectic range of great food. We highly recommend the Turkish Eggs!