Packing for Summer in Queenstown New Zealand.

Queenstown cups the shores of Lake Wakatipu on the South Island of New Zealand. As an alpine destination, it can experience a broad range of temperatures on any given day. And while it's famous for its thrilling adventures -from Bungy Jumping to Mountain Biking, it also offers a fantastic dining destination with gastro pubs and microbreweries to fine dining. With such a complicated matrix of things to do and places to eat or drink, it’s no wonder that we are constantly asked what to pack when coming to stay with us at Spinnaker Bay Apartments.

Summer = diversity of clothing!

Firstly - Pack for Fun. Adventure is the 'name of the game' here, and you should pack layers, as summer can range from 20 to 32 degrees Celsius.  Starting from the bottom up, here are our recommendations on what to pack and wear in Queenstown, New Zealand, this summer.


We suggest comfortable covered walking shoes for wandering along the shoreline to and from our apartments and into town. Most of the trails close to town can be walked in sturdy sneakers, BUT if you are venturing out on a hike - then dress accordingly!
Slides or similar (not Jandles) for outdoor pubs and dress shoes if dining at one of the many upper-end restaurants.
Jandals for hanging about the pool at Spinnaker Bay Apartments.

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Bottom Half

Summer in the mountains can get brutally hot, so men, women, and children, make sure you have shorts with you. Shorts are always a winner, as you can hike, bike, and adventure in them or browse the shops in town - and in most cases, they are acceptable to be worn in the bars and restaurants in town.

Pack long pants for the evenings and lighter long pants for hiking and exploring. It can cool quickly in the evenings and when the weather turns.

Jeans are pretty much accepted everywhere but hardly worn during a warmer summer season. Overly ripped jeans might be fashionable at the pubs but probably wouldn’t get into finer restaurants.

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The Top Half and Everything in Between

Queenstown NZ doesn’t have a beach vibe, it's more of a relaxed lake vibe, so sun dresses are fabulous for the vineyard tours and walking around town, but you should bring a wrap or lite coat in case the weather decides not to play nice.

Queenstown is fun and vibrant, attracting diverse international visitors of all ages, and clothing can vary greatly. Think more conservative than the Gold Coast, not as flashy as a central business district dinner out, but smart casual alpine!


Bring a hat & sunglasses! - we have a very, very short burn time - the sun can get super intense, so please, slip slop slap (wrap), seek and slide:

  • Slip: slip on a shirt
  • Slop: slop on sunscreen,
  • Slap: slap on a hat
  • Wrap:  wrap up against the sun
  • Seek: seek shade
  • Slide: slide on wraparound sunglasses


#ComeStay&Play in our swimming pool! Pack the bikini or board shorts and enjoy the views of Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables mountain ranges.

If you want to swim in the lake, it's cold, but most locals do it! Kids seem oblivious to the nippy water, but it’s a great swim in some of the cleanest, freshest water you’ll ever have the pleasure of swimming in!

These are just a few suggestions of what to pack when you visit Queenstown this summer.  Layers are always the best options - remember that temperatures will vary between 22 and 32 degrees within one day and from day to day.  Pack for relaxed casual and you should be right!