Queenstown by Night

Queenstown comes alive from the early evening and stays alive until well into the next morning.  There is much to see, do and experience outside of the normal nightlife expectations so read on, and maybe one of these options will strike a note with you!

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Party in Queenstown

There is no doubt that Queenstown has developed itself a wee reputation for its night life.  For better or worse, there are numerous bars, restaurants, pubs or nightclubs on every road in inner Queenstown.  There are so many, that there are too many to list here.  It’s pretty crazy truth be told, and the centre can get a little wild late afternoons onwards, but it does mean that for the casual relaxed visitor i.e. not here for a hens or stag party, you can enjoy a few different establishments over the course of an evening, and not repeat yourself for the whole duration of your stay!

Check out these sites for more info on partying in queenstown

Big Night Out - http://bignightout.net.nz/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8ZPpkPCM5AIVkkDTCh0mhwayEAAYAiAAEgKsiPD_BwE

Queenstown’s nightlife - https://www.queenstownnz.co.nz/things-to-do/nightlife/    https://www.getyourguide.com/queenstown-l498/?utm_force=0


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Get Out of Queenstown 

One of my favourite options actually, for no other reason than the fact that there are some wickedly great dining establishments in Frankton  and Arrowtown. Grab an Uber, a taxi ( https://www.queenstowntaxis.com/ https://www.greencabs.co.nz/queenstown-taxis) the bus or drive yourself responsibility, but be open to having a great evening somewhere other than Queenstown central

Cruise by Night

Believe it or not, Queenstown is more than pleasant to behold from the deck of one of the bay’s cruise companies.  It’s a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre but still get the quintessentially amazing queenstown experience with added spectacular views!  Check out Million Dollar Cruise, Juicy Cruises and Southern Discoveries

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Dine in Decadence

Without doubt, Queenstown has something for your individual tastes – there is no one-food type.  Unlike Italy (for example) which has a staple restaurant menu of Pizza and Pasta (varied by regions… but still pizza and pasta), Queenstown has a flavour for every pallet.  Yes (unfortunately) we have McD’s and BK, but we also have Rata, Botswana Butchery, The Grille by Eichardt's and every possible option in between.  From street vendors to Michelin star – it’s all here! My all time favourites is Madam Woo …and trust the chef – you won’t regret it! The point here is that the choice is extensive.  More than most metropolitan cities offer, and in a condensed geographic location.  What does this mean?  You can throw the heels on and not walk so far as to suffer blisters!  Win win in my books! If you have an inkling for a specific type of food, then just ask, we’ll make the recommendation and help with the reservation!

Night Running

A super fun thing to do in Queenstown is a night run.  Grab a head lamp and head out!  It really is that simple.  If you are starting and finishing from our apartments then be sure to let us know the when’s where’s and how long so we can be of help if needed!  Otherwise there is a multitude of trails that can be run at night – covering all sorts of levels. 

Hot Pools

Go and relax at Olson Hot Pools – its worth the drive out to Arthurs Point.  Private baths mean a nice relaxing end to your adventurous days and they are open until late!

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Night Time Bungy!

The thrill is intensified when it's done at night!  So much fun!  Catch the gondola up to Skyline and make your way over to The Ledge.  Combine it with dinner and spectacular views.  A simple fantastic ‘only in Queenstown’s experience!

Night Skiing

Coronet Peak now offers three nights a week night skiing - Wed, Fri, Sat.  We’re local, and as locals we want to support all of our fellow businesses, but this one comes with a wee warning.  It’s not a family friendly environment  - alcohol + skiing + children do not mix well, so we council ‘caution’ if you are thinking of heading up with the family.  If that’s not you, and you are in for the beer, the music and the skiing then enjoy!   It’s a fun night out!

Stargazing – our Favourite

Stop and take a moment to really absorb the beautiful night sky that Queenstown nestles under.  It’s pretty spectacular!   If you are here in winter then double that wow factor – the Aurora Australis is a ‘not to be missed’ experience

Cardies has an amazing evening of sunset dining and night gazing with expert Astronomer Alex Thom which is well worth the trip over the Crown Range.  Dinner is at The Mezz restaurant which is super yummy!  This is a great night out and the night sky is uninterrupted by the Queenstown lights

So enjoy - Queenstown by night has many options, you just need to be open to exploring!  Feel free to pop into our reception and ask us for help, we are always pleased to help!  

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