Ski Rentals - 2021 Where To Guide

Firstly, welcome!   We are very pleased that you have chosen to stay at Spinnaker Bay Apartments, Queenstown New Zealand and play in our wonderful winter wonderland.

If this is your first time skiing, boarding, or enjoying winter in Queenstown New Zealand, then let this Queenstown Ski and Snowboard Rentals - Where to Hire Guide be your helping hand to de-stress your ski holiday, offering more time on the snow and less time in ski rental queues.


Let's be honest, one of the worst things about a winter holiday is the sheer enormity of kit and gear that needs to either travel with you or be hired on arrival.   So here's hoping this guide will help you sort out some of that organisation, so you can simply enjoy your stay at Spinnaker Bay Apartments in Queenstown, New Zealand!


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Ski Rental

Probably one of the most asked winter questions our customers ask us is ‘where is the best place to rent skis from?’  And the truth is, there are many options in town, which offer a broad range of equipment for a varying price range.

However, we do have our favourites - two of which are SnoPro and Brown’sSnoPro because it offers a super-easy online booking system + a fantastic delivery and fitting service – you choose the equipment,  and the date & time of delivery, and it's delivered directly here to your room at Spinnaker Bay Apartments, and Brown’s because they have a great online pre-order service with a quick pick-up system in the centre of town – they also have amazingly helpful and friendly staff, who, on request, will also deliver directly to our accommodation.  Now that is some seriously great service! 

Alternatively, you can rent skis on the two local mountains – Coronet Peak and The Remarkables.  On arrival up the mountain, head to the customer services desk to add (and pay for) the rental equipment to your ‘MyPass’.  This means you must have a MyPass.  Next head to the tablets outside of rentals where you need to set up a profile and choose your equipment.  Then head into the rentals department to make your way around the store for a fitting. 

A small tip here – you can’t split the family into the rentals queue and the customer services queue – they all need to be present when purchasing your MyPass & your lift tickets etc. Then you can all head over to the rentals department.

Winter Skis and Snow Boarding Equipment List

Generally, you will need: 

  • Helmet,
  • Goggles,
  • Gloves,
  • Ski Jacket,
  • Ski Pants,
  • Skis + Poles or Snowboard
  • Boots 

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Not included

Thermals, neck warmers and socks are not rented, and for hygienic reasons (not to mention comfort and fit) we suggest you buy these before coming down to Queenstown – if for nothing else, to save you from having to go shopping on arrival!

There are many more rental shops, including Torpedo7, Rent Snow Gear, Snow Rental Queenstown, Outside Sports, the Green Toad, Snowbiz.  These are all situated in town, so be prepared to find parking, then carry your skis to your car once fitted.

Be Organised

The key to a successful ski holiday in Queenstown New Zealand is organisation so that when the time comes, you have plenty of time to play, and not be worrying about rental queues!  Choice is abundant, but our overriding recommendation is that you book early, and where possible organise and pay for what you need with a set pick-up or delivery time!

If you need help, we are always available to offer advice and help you with your travels.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Team at Spinnaker Bay Apartments, Queenstown