Top 10 Queenstown Takeaway by a Local

We are fortunate to have many, and I do mean many, fine restaurants and bars in and around Queenstown that serve well above average cuisine – most sourced locally.  We are indeed spoilt for choice.  From 5 star dining to street vendors, we have it all – Asian fusion, south American, Italian, burgers and steakhouses – there is a flavour or nationality for all visitors and the share volume of choices within a compact radius is unlike any other destination (except perhaps Melbourne)!

SB takeaways 1

But maybe you’re a little tired of eating in restaurants?  Would like to pick something up and eat it on the beach as the sun sets?  Or back in your hotel room where it’s warm and cozy, your flannelette PJ’s are waiting and there’s a marathon of Friends re-runs on TV?

We thought we’d list our top 10 take out joints for you – maybe give you a little inspiration as well as knowledge!  And because we’re locals and we know Queenstown well, this list is our personal favourites.  You will of course, have different taste buds and could probably come up with a completely different list, but we’re owning this list and back it 100%!

In order, from our 10th favourite to our number one, the list looks something like this:

10.5. Devil Burgers – Nothing but Burgers – Church Street, Queenstown

When only meat wrapped in bread will hit the spot, head to Devil Burgers. Quite frankly, these burgers are just as good, if not better than Ferg’s over on the other side of town – and the real seller? And no horrendously long queues.

10.  Caribe Latin Kitchen – The Mall – Latin American, Caribbean and Mexican Food

Fresh fresh fresh and full of flavour – tacos, burritos and loads more.  This is a favourite stop for me when I need to taste fresh South American flavours at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant.  Worth not eating breakfast for!

SB takeaways 2

9. Dominos –  Shotover Street – Queenstown Central

Outside of Italy, pizza is just too complicated and most pizzerias try to hard.  Domino’s makes the list because the $5 pizza is super cheap and for those of us who are watching the pennies, that makes a world of difference and to a hungry lad, it aint all that bad!  

8. Slow Cuts –Meat served well -  Buckingham Street, Arrowtown

From burgers to pork meals, if you are a carnivore then Slow Cuts is your one stop shop.  Personally, I like to order my Sunday roast here and let the family believe I’ve been slaving over a hot oven for hours. 

SB takeaways 5

7. Arrow Thai – traditional Thai Cuisine - Ramshaw Lane, Arrowtown 

I love Thai, and we have great Thai restaurants in QT, but of them all I love the food out at Arrow Thai.  I wish I could give you a really specific reason why, but the best I can offer is ‘it’s just super yummy!’!

6. Pedros House of Lamb –Lamb Meals to Takeaway – Gorge Road, QT

What a delight to order a full meal and it's made to perfection.  This place is all about the roast Lamb and is absolutely worth the effort to walk out and order from.  Meals tend to be large and intended for sharing!

5. The Bap Man – .  Simple food created well. 

Using the freshest local produce, Mark the owner creates great simple yet flavoursome baps.  The food cart can normally be found down town on the waterfront for fantastic bap burgers.  Touch and go whether or not he’s there when you go looking but worth the effort.

4. Hawker and Roll - Hawker Rolls – The Mall

Yum, we know that Hawker Rolls are becoming the next big food movement, but all I care about is the delicious pulled sticky pork variations sold right here in Queenstown!

SB takeaways 4

3. Hikari Sushi Bar – Sushi - The Mall Queenstown

I look for sushi in every town I visit across the globe, and besides being in actual Japan, the next best place to grab generous proportions of sushi is Hikari in QT.  The rice is not overly sweet and just the right amount of sticky.  The fish is always fresh and they don't skimp on how much goes into each roll.  Find the little hole-in-the-wall shop down The Mall – great service and the best sushi ever! Seriously.

2. Mandu – O’Connell’s Mall – Dumplings – Best in Queenstown!

Forget the others on the main roads, Mandu – downstairs in the food court of O’Connell’s Mall has the BEST to-die-for dumplings.  My all-time favourite is the full-sized shrimp with pork wrapped around it – 6 of these beauties and you are deliciously full and happy. I crave them from near and far!

1. Erik’s Fish n Chips – Earl Street – Queenstown Central - For all Things GF Battered

My all-time favourite and number 1 on my list! From the fresh fish to the battered cauliflower (or kiwi fruit!), this is my ‘go-to’ takeaway in Queenstown.  Nothing beats grabbing the Kai and heading to the beach to watch the sunset.  Let it be Erik's if you only get one takeaway while in QT!

And that's my list - I hope you enjoy these eateries as much as I obviously do!