Ski Rentals in Queenstown

So you’ll be joining us here at Spinnaker Bay Apartments and need to hire ski’s / snowboards and paraphernalia?

We thought this would be a timely post on the locals take on from whom to hire your gear this season.  Intended to be short and sweet but straight to the point, here is our list to help you simplify the hiring and fitting drama!

Top 5 Picks (In No Particular Order)

We have chosen the following suppliers for the ‘localness’ and ‘friendliness’.  We haven’t factored in cost, although we will say a few words on the standard of equipment.

Browns Ski Shop

The ladies and gents at Browns are super helpful and have a really great range of equipment.  They also have a pretty streamlined hiring process.  Haggis, Torey, and the crew know their stuff and the retail shop is also well stocked too.  One of our favourite recommendations!

Small Planet

Daryl and the crew are experts at all things back country.  It is the best place in the Wakatipu, bar none, to go and get yourself geared up and full of knowledge.  They also have a great second hand market upstairs above the main shop.  In addition to the retail side of the business Small Planet run all sorts of workshops on backcountry skiing and foster loads of community based winter events.  Another of our top recommendations!

SB Ski5

Outside Sports

A large very streamlined shop with a good solid range of equipment and a large workshop.  While you can drop your skis off in the town shop, the actual workshop is out on Gorge Road – and open slightly longer hours.  The guys there are helpful and quick.

Torpedo 7

These guys are centrally located and have a huge winter range for rentals.  The workshop is downstairs below the retail shop.  The equipment is pretty up to date and has a good range too.


This is a great ski rental deliver service.  Select and book your gear online.  Rental equipment is delivered and sized / checked at your accommodation.  Hit the slopes.  It’s a simple concept that has had some success in Queenstown so is well worth highlighting.  Avoid the queue’s and the parking hassles and have your rentals delivered to you!

SB Ski3

More Stores

The following stores all sit pretty equally on the scale of service and product. 

Snow Rental

Ski Hire Queenstown

Ski Hire NZ

Rent Snow Gear

One Stop Snow Shop

JD Ski Rentals

Green Toad



Ski Express NZ

Within the Wakatipu there are many options for ski rentals.  If you want to get ahead of your trip and pre organise your equipment early, then stay with the larger companies that have their systems down to a fine art.    These teams have been fitting visitors for years and can have you in and out in a heart beat.

If you have more time, take a wonder around town and check out your options.  It makes for a fun way to explore Queenstown at the same time!