NZ Skiing 2020 - Cardrona and Treble Cone

Well it has certainly been, to date, an eventful lead into the 2020 New Zealand winter season.  With a great amount of effort by our nation, we have emerged from strict lockdown measures with a reasonable assurance that there will be a winter ski season in NZ this year.  

But what does this actually mean to you, the visitor?

Let's start with our International Boarders:  Unfortunately they will remain closed at this stage.  Until further notice, and a reduction from Level 2 to Level 0, the skiing will be accessible only to those people residing in NZ.  For more information on our boarder policies, please click here.

That means a domestic market only.  Air NZ have resumed travel into Queenstown and business is resuming under the current health guidelines.  Link through to Air NZ directly for more precise and in depth information.

Cardrona Alpine Ski Resort and Treble Cone syndicated a very open communication last week, on what skiing will look like for now.  We have copied the email here for your information.  It's a clear and concise update, and straight from the horses mouth, so we thought it best to forward it on to you all rather than paraphrase.


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We've got some great news: in Level 2, we'll be skiing and snowboarding for the 2020 winter season!

On Friday, the New Zealand ski industry confirmed that the safety procedures for Level 2 that we'd proposed had been accepted. There is no cap on how many skiers and snowboarders we can welcome to our mountains during Level 2. The safety procedures mean that you'll need to stay 2 metres apart while you are out skiing or snowboarding. In the areas where people come together, we will be contact tracing and maintaining a 1-metre distance between people. These areas include the bottom of lifts, on the lifts, around our base areas etc. In the cafés, we will be following the same standards as all bars and restaurants in town and we will be adjusting as these continue to evolve. Like everyone else, we’ll be increasing all cleaning regimes with a particular focus on disinfecting all high touch surfaces.

What this means for Cardrona and Treble Cone:

Our plan is to open both mountains for the whole season. At Cardrona, that's from June 26 to October 18, and at TC it's from June 27 to September 6 (Father's Day).

We are expecting July to be the month where we start to understand our demand. While we really want to stick to our plan and will do everything we can to do this, we may be just too quiet and need to scale back part of our operation. But one thing is for sure – we will be riding every day possible this season.

We are preparing to open McDougall's, Whitestar and Captain's at Cardrona, and the Home Basin and the Saddle at Treble Cone.
We know that many of you would like definite answers about our facilities this season, but this isn’t a definite environment. We’ve got a “make it happen” attitude, and we want to remain in a position where we can be super flexible. That’s why we’re taking the risk away from this season for you, with our updated Covid-19 terms and conditions.


This is great news for winter in Queenstown.  Remember, we have great 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments perfectly suited to your skiing holiday.  We can help you with your ski passes to our local mountains as well as further afield to Cardrona and Treble Cone.


The team at Spinnaker Bay Apartments

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