Labour Weekend in the Wakatipu

Spring is on it’s way and there are heaps of great events happening in Queenstown this long Labour Come Stay and Play with us!

Spring is all about weather diversity in the mountains!  On average, for the months of September, October and November the temperatures can range from 8 to 22 degrees and the classic kiwi description of spring ‘4 season in one day’ characterises Queenstown perfectly.  The alpine environment, the basin geography and its location to the coasts and surrounding mountains means on any given day you can start with sun, and end in thunderstorms or even snow.

So I guess what we are saying, is layer up.  Bring it all.  Winter shoes and summer slides. A sun hat and an umbrella, the bikini and the thermals.  Better yet, don’t pack it – just arrive and buy it all in town.  You’ll find that the stores offer a ‘local’ range of clothes reflective of the changing seasons. 

And pretty much in the heart of Spring lays Labour Weekend – a national holiday here in NZ, making the weekend of the 26th, 27th and 28th the first long business weekend since April.  While the week is still tagged as Spring, to most kiwis it heralds in summer and baches are opened and aired, the water toys are bought out to play and the BBQ’s are sparked up.

In Queenstown, there are a lot of great Labour Weekend water activities to partake in such as sailing on the Wakatipu, Rafting, Kayaking, River Surfing, SUP’ing, jet boating as so much more!  Check out the available activities here.

Probably one of our favourite Labour weekend activities was the Jazzfest which is not running in 2019.  However, on the 20th October there will be a superb concert by the Classical Jazz Quartet at the Thomas L. Brown Gallery, 568 Speargrass Flat Road, Lake Hayes, Queenstown from 3:00pm – 4:15pm.  Our personal recommendation - lunch at Akarua Wines and Kitchen first, then make your way down for the concert.  Ask at our reception for transport details, but remember, Uber or a Taxi are your best and safest way to travel if you intend to sample the wines at Akarua (which we do suggest).

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