The Iconic Motatapu Event

Queenstown's Premier Sports Event

The Motatapu event is a single-day MTB, Run, or Walking event starting in Glendhu Bay in Wanaka (or in Arrowtown..) and finishing in Arrowtown. Spanning three high alpine areas, the trails will take you through the Wanaka Area, the Macetown Historic Reserve and down into the Arrowtown area. It is considered one of the most iconic off-road marathons and mountain biking events in the world, attracting over 4000 competitors each year from as far afield as northern Europe and south as the bottom of South America!

It’s a unique opportunity to accomplish a marathon distance event in Central Otago territory not often accessible on such a grand scale. Over the years, and because of different event ownership, the event has evolved into two Mountain Bike races, three running races and a children’s event. It’s certainly a day of unique experiences! In recent years the three stations, Motatapu, Soho, and Glencoe, have returned to single ownership and granted access to this iconic landscape solely for the purpose of these events.

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UDC Finance MTB  

Coronet Loop Mountain Bike

Bike: 47kms   Bike: 56kms
1,214mts: total climbing 2,395mts: total climbing
875mts: Highest point 932mts: highest point
Start: Glendhu Bay, Lake Wānaka Start: Butler Green, Arrowtown
Finish: Wilcox Green, Arrowtown Finish: Wilcox Green, Arrowtown


Run / Hike

Off Road Marathon

Ultra Run

Miners Trail Run

Run / Hike: 42kms Run: 52.5kms Run: 15.7kms
1,022mts: total climbing 3,330mts: total climbing 927mts: total climbing
875mts: highest point 1,275mts: highest point 1,047mts: highest point
Start: Motatapu Station, Glendhu Bay, Lake Wānaka Start: Glendhu Bay, Lake Wānaka Start: Wilcox Green, Arrowtown
Finish: Wilcox Green, Arrowtown Finish: Wilcox Green, Arrowtown Finish: Wilcox Green, Arrowtown


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More About the Motatapu Trail

The Motatapu Track is part of the more extensive network called Te Araora Trail. It is considered a 3-day advanced hiking track, which follows much of a historic route that linked the Wānaka and Arrowtown areas during the height of the goldrush days in mid-1800s. While the scenery is pure perfection and a beautiful representation of our country, the tiny hikers' huts, run by DOC (the Department of Conversation NZ), are timeless experiences well worth the overnight stay. Fern Burn Hut is 7kms into the hike, Highland Creek Hut is at the 13th km, and Roses Hut is at 24kms.

Good Luck

To all our guests coming to stay and complete the events, we wish you the best of luck!  

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Photo Credits:  DOC and Running Wild