Top 5 Brew Pubs in Queenstown

5 x Top Brewhouses and Brewpubs

So we asked a mate who fancies himself as the ultimate guru on all things beer, brewing and brewhouses in Queenstown for his top 5 brewhouse or brewpub picks. His words verbatim were “Easy! Altitude, Smiths, Searchlight, Canyon and Fork and Tap. Of those only Searchlight and Altitude are true brewhouses. Actually, just thinking, Atlas down on Steamer Wharf is really good too so that’s 6…!”

So without further ado, let's explore these 6 top places to get a great brew!


Smiths Craft Beer House

Ok, so you won’t find much about this place online. Its website really doesn’t do this brew pub any favours, but they do state that they sell beer from all over NZ and combine it with great food. That's pretty stock standard to tell you the truth. BUT, Our mate tells us that it’s a great pub with a great atmosphere and with really interesting beer - and well worth the ‘sit in’.


Fork and Tap

I couldn’t agree more. The Fork and Tap is a personal favourite for a whole heap of reasons. Firstly, it's really local. Locally owned and run it's been a literal ‘corner pub’ for the locals of Arrowtown for generations. It has a great vibe with an amazing indoor-outdoor flow. In winter the fireplace creates a super cosy environment and in summer the outdoor beer garden is a great place to sip a local brew and listen to local entertainers.

But onto the beer. F&T has always supported smaller independent craft beer breweries way before it became trendy. Try the tasting rack - 6 small glasses of craft beer that allow you to test, try and then buy what you’d like. However, they change their offerings constantly, so you have to keep going back to try what’s available!


Altitude Brewing - A true brewhouse

Brewing up a craft beer and making it a hit is supposed to be a wild ride, right? touch and go? Well, Altitude Brewing has totally aced it. Their brews have snagged heaps of awards, and let me tell you, they're like a party in a pint glass. From the careful crafting to the cool marketing, these folks know how to bring the good stuff.

Their motto? "If You're All About Mountain Vibes and Good Times, These Beers Are Your Jam." And let me tell ya, their lineup is as local and fun as it gets!


Searchlight Brewery - A true brewhouse

Searchlight Brewery is a very cool little craft brewery tucked away in Industrial Place off Gorge Road. It's like the epitome of everything you'd want in a craft beer joint.
Built from the ground up by a very industrial couple, they rolled into Queenstown, scoped out an ideal spot, put in the grind, and boom! They built this brewery from scratch, with their own hands and all that jazz. You can practically taste the passion they're pouring into every batch.

And let me tell you, the brews? They're straight-up awesome. Classic craft beer vibes, with a twist of quirky and fun in every sip. Plus, they're all about this Three Beer Series - sounds like a party waiting to happen, right?


Canyon Brewing

When it comes to breathtaking settings, this one takes the cake! Canyon Brewery boasts an unbeatable location right beside the renowned Shotover River. Not only do they whip up award-winning brews right on-site, but they also let you peek behind the scenes as they work their magic.

With four staple brews and a couple more on rotation to suit the seasons, Canyon aims for beers that are both approachable and memorable. They've nailed that sweet spot between easy-drinking and adventurous flavours. Our mate tells us it’s all about soaking in the entire experience – the stunning location, the delectable food, and of course, the top-notch brews!


And that's our list.  So go forth, have fun, be a responsible drinker and use a taxi!  if you have any questions, drop us a line at reception... we are always keen to share our views!