Top 5 Gluten-Free Cafes in Queenstown New Zealand

Top 5 Gluten-Free Cafes in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a great place to eat gluten-free. Its food scene is fabulous, inventive, interesting, and fun and in almost all cases you can find a gluten-free option on the menu.

The following 5 cafes were chosen purely on personal preference and don’t reflect any feedback or online ranking system. Nor are they in any particular order. They are where this author would go, as a gluten-free eater, on any given day of the week. So yes, they are entirely personal, but I think that’s the point…. to share with you a local insider knowledge of gluten-free eating in Queenstown.

I have to say though, while Fergburger makes the cut, it's more for you, as a tourist, than for me.


Photo Credit Bespoke Kitchen Spinnaker Bay Apartments Queenstown

Cafes for Celiacs In Queenstown

Bespoke Kitchen

9 Isle Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Probably one of our most long-standing favourites, Bespoke Kitchen has continuously astounded us with its creativity while staying true to garden-to-plate cuisine and a huge focus on Wellness. And we love the atmosphere as much as we love the menu!

Taco Medic

Taco Medic is an exclusive gluten-free eatery nestled in the heart of Queenstown, offering a variety of approximately eight tacos. Their menu features grilled and fried fish options, both gluten-free, which vary depending on the catch of the day. Alongside these fab, all-gluten-free tacos are a great selection of fresh cut and fried chips, well worth the order!

Erik’s Food Truck - 100% Gluten Free Fish and Chips

Combining the best of NZ fish and Chips with a gluten-free kitchen, Erik's Fish and Chips Food Truck has to be one of the best safe gluten-free takeaways in Queenstown, if not the whole country!

It’s almost all of the main seafood dishes (and veggies like cauliflower) in a crisp lite GF batter. One of our favourite local eateries - grab your meal and head down to the waterfront for a real Kiwi meal!

Public Kitchen

Public Kitchen is a great place down on the wharf with a primo waterfront location. Its food is pretty standard, but what sets it apart is the clarity of defining what is 'gluten-free' and 'gluten-free for coeliacs.' There are loads of safe options from vegetarian dishes to heavier meat options.

Fergburger Queenstown - World-Famous Burgers – Made Gluten Free

The cult favourite amongst travellers, Fergburger makes the list only because it’s hard to find a decent GF bun, and Fergburger solves this by baking everything in-house. And they take it a step further by guaranteeing that their gluten-free food is prepped and cooked in a separate kitchen!

  • Dedicated fryer for french fries
  • Knowledgable staff who perked up when I said “coeliac” and knew exactly what to do, and explained it to me despite the chaos around us
  • Separate prep area for celiacs
  • Great gluten-free buns


At the end of the day, most cafes in QT will offer a gluten-free option.  As a local, these are my top 5 picks for eating healthy and gluten-free in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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Photo Credit Fergburger Spinnaker Bay Apartments Queenstown