Top 5 Wine Bars, Queenstown NZ

There are so many great bars in Queenstown that you can visit for a quiet drink or a more robust night out. In a town where bars and pubs outnumber restaurants and cafes, it was really hard to choose our top 5 places.

Rest and Relax at Great Wine Bars in Queenstown NZ

We will say this, our choices are a reflection of our ages and desires to be relaxed when out drinking. There are so many other options available if you want a livelier evening, louder music or just more people to interact with!

So, here is our list for a relaxed drink which comes with a quintessential Queenstown experience!

The Sundeck

An all time favourite, the Sundeck is one of Queenstown's premier destinations for rooftop revelry. The Mediterranean-inspired bar, lounge, and kitchen have wonderful summer vibes set against the backdrop of breathtaking panoramas. It has a true al fresco ambience, complete with crackling outdoor fires, plush blankets, and a hospitable atmosphere that promises warmth long after dusk.

Many a night has been spent here, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and spirited beverages. As the sun sets, the bar turns into a vibrant place of music and mayhem. It’s not a big bar, so seating is hard to find, but for events or parties you can call ahead and reserve a table

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The Winery 

You can find this extraordinary bar at the top of the Mall in central Queenstown. It's an innovative and truly fun way to experience so many of our fabulous wines from both Central Otago and further afield across New Zealand. The really cool and unique thing is that the technology deployed in the bar means that with an effortless touch of a button, you can pour yourself a sample, a half, or a full glass from the extensive collection. Of course, this means that you can literally sample many wines in one visit!

Think of the winery as a single central depository of over 700 spectacular wines, an extensive store of whisky, and a wise selection of local gins! It literally holds an unparalleled collection of New Zealand's finest wines ready for you to sample glass by glass!


Originally a woolshed, Eichardt’s Bar has seamlessly transformed into an integral aspect of the magnificent boutique hotel it graces. It has fantastic food, exquisite high tea, and expertly curated wine and whiskey offerings – each a tribute to tradition, prestige, and rich heritage, all delivered with a modern touch and impeccable service.
The ambience effortlessly melds the charm of yesteryears with contemporary allure. Sink into plush sofas by the fireplace, while picturesque windows offer captivating vistas of the tranquil lake, perfectly encapsulating the essence of old-world elegance fused with modern sophistication.

The Bunker

From its humble origins as a neglected apartment, this super cool bar is a bit of a local favourite. It’s a little hard to find, but worth the search. This hidden gem is not all that big, but has a cosy fireplace with great music which sets the stage for an unforgettable experience!
You’ll find the bar staff here as entertaining as their drinks! Their skills at shaking cocktails are legendary as is their steadfast commitment to the mantra, 'cocktails first, questions later.’! The other very cool thing, and a reason why we like this place, is that it has extended opening hours with a closing time of 4 am! It’s a great place to end the night, and to linger into the wee hours. We highly recommend trying their signature cocktail - the Bunker Vesper

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Bardeaux is a really lovely early après bar in the middle of town. It has a comfortable ambience with soft lighting and deep leather couches, a roaring fireplace and a long bar, which encourages an early afternoon drink, that can easily become a vibrant night out!
We like this bar as it boasts an impressive selection of speciality cocktails, a comprehensive array of local pinot noirs, and top-tier champagnes. The staff are always fun and generous in their pours which makes this a cool place to hang out after a super fun day on the mountain!

And here we have it. Enjoy your night out, but always remember to drink responsibly and cab back to our apartments!