Winter Biking in Queenstown

Sometimes winter is not just for skiing or snowboarding.  Sometimes it's for Mountian Biking too.  So don't be too quick to through your MTB in the shed... here's why.:


1. Below the Tree Line - Many of Queenstown's mountain biking trails lay below the snow line, so are well protected by the trees. 

2. The natural trails tend to drain well, therefore they don't stay wet but rather dry quite quickly

3. it's not that cold - nothing a puffer can't fix!

4. Fat bikes and fat bike rentals are becoming the winter norm here

5. Queenstown Bike Park is open all year round!

6. Outside of Queenstown, as in the surrounding valleys, the snow rarely settles so there is always biking to be had!

7. Bike tour operators still operate all year round

8.  Bike out to Arrowtown for lunch, out to Gibbston Valley for a wine tour or the Frankton Arm towards Jacks Point for great 1-day cycle trips

9. Join the Winter Snow bike race on CP or the Remarkables!!

10.  Because it's cool and fun and since Queenstown only gets a few snowfalls a year at the township level you can still get out and about and enjoy the day!


let us know if we can be of any assistance organising a bike during your stay at Spinnaker Bay Executive Apartments.  We love to help and look forward to welcoming you this 2022 winter season!

Mountain Biking Winter Queenstown