Best Country in the World

Telegraph Travel names New Zealand on top!

Not that we like to brag, but it seems that hardly a week goes by without Queenstown or New Zealand appearing in a top ten list by some esteemed travel publication. Whether it’s as the world’s most scenic location, the adrenaline capital of the world, the most liveable country, or featured amongst the ten most dangerous roads list (have you visited Skippers Canyon yet?), it seems someone is always singing the praises of our little country or our little town.

The Best Country in The World

A couple of recent accolades caught our eye, and if you’re contemplating a visit to Queenstown, it may be just what’s needed to get those New Zealand travel plans finalised. Both articles showcase the rich diversity a holiday here offers. With stunning scenery, an idyllic way of life and an incredible range of activities on offer, Queenstown is a holiday destination that will not disappoint.

Readers of Telegraph Travel in the UK recently voted little old New Zealand as the best travel destination on the planet. The poll claims to be ‘the most comprehensive, wide-ranging and reliable travel survey in Britain.’ So, for a little country at the bottom of the world to reach the top spot is not a bad achievement. Even more impressive is the fact that this is the fourth year in a row that New Zealand has won the accolade. Yes, that’s right, the fourth time!

The publication then went on to list 26 reasons why New Zealand is the best country in the world. Touting the scenery as the number one reason New Zealand is a sought after holiday destination, the publication beautifully described the scenery as the kind of sight that makes you want to applaud.

The article goes on to suggest 25 more reasons why New Zealand is top dog including the haka, 90-mile beach, ancient kauri trees in the Waipoua Forest, Maori culture and an uncanny resemblance to Middle-earth.

According to The Telegraph, New Zealand is the place where you can walk the ‘finest walk in the world’, the Milford track. We did wonder if they’ve done any other Great Walks around the country. We guarantee that none will disappoint!

And of course, adventure makes it onto the list. With Queenstown renowned as the adventure capital of New Zealand, we may have to take some credit for that claim. Bungy jump, anyone?

The other article that recently caught our eye was on Viva magazine’s online edition entitled ’12 Times Queenstown Proved it’s the Most Instagrammable Spot in NZ'.  Viva is the lifestyle magazine that accompanies The New Zealand Herald on Wednesdays, and its readership is clued up on everything there is to know about fashion, travel, design and eating out. They even know that Instagrammable is a real word.

The article selected 12 recent Instagram posts taken in Queenstown and used them as proof that Queenstown really has got it all.

Top 10 Instagram Backpacking Matt

The Instagram compilation includes pro-skater Sean Malto’s raucous selfie aboard the Shotover Jet; and pop mega-star Taylor Swift and her brother standing on the lake’s edge by Glenorchy with a ridiculously beautiful backdrop behind them. Also sharing the Queenstown experience on Instagram was Formula One luminary, Lewis Hamilton, pictured atop a Queenstown peak (obviously shuttled there by helicopter) and Warriors player Shaun Johnson propelled high above Lake Wakatipu on the latest thrill experience, the jet board. But it wasn’t all about celebrities, the world-class golf course, The Hills, features as does a whimsical shot of flowers growing amongst Amisfield’s Chenin Blanc grapes. And no Queenstown collage is complete without a couple of obligatory Lake Wakatipu landscape shots. It gets them every time!

We thought this list was a great compilation because the casual, candid shots capture the incredible diversity of the district that is available to anyone who pays us a visit. No staged marketing shots here, the beauty and the experiences speak for themselves.

So, no more reading Top 10 lists! Get yourself to Queenstown and start making your own Top 10.