Kiwi Hospitality at it's Finest!

"Kiwi hospitality" refers to the warm, friendly, and welcoming nature which New Zealanders have become globally famous for. 

Miles of Smiles

We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate tourist hosts - we are happy to help, quick to recommend a family's business, will stop and offer directions and are generally appreciative of your visit, and we are very, very quick to share! As such, the term "Kiwi hospitality" has become synonymous with the country's reputation for being a welcoming and inclusive destination for travellers from around the world.

Breaking it down to why is, of course, a little harder. Tradition? Yes, that plays a key part, and Pride? Definitely! NZ is one of the last ‘colonised’ nations and is an actual melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. We embrace diversity and love being part of a small nation with open arms.
If we could pinpoint a few key aspects of Kiwi hospitality, they would include the following:


We are known for being friendly and approachable. Sometimes overly friendly and approachable! We are often eager to engage in conversations with visitors, offering help and advice to make your stay enjoyable. We want you to enjoy our backyard, especially in a destination town like Queenstown, so if you need to stop and ask someone in the street for advice (directions or where the best latte is served…) - Just stop a Kiwi and ‘ask away’!

Kiwi Hospitality and Miles of Smiles in Queenstown 1

Genuine Warmth:

We are known for our genuine and heartfelt hospitality, especially in Queenstown and generally in all the smaller towns networked across NZ. When we smile and offer assistance, we often sincerely express our desire to make you feel welcome and at home.


OK, this is one of our defining features! We have a laid-back and casual culture. Maybe not so much as the East Coast of Australia, but we are definitely an informal culture. This relaxed atmosphere is a big selling point in NZ, especially in Queenstown, where we encourage you to embrace new adventures. Remember, Queenstown has hosted many a ‘famous’ film/pop/internet/TV star or world leader… but you’re most likely to find them in the corner cafes enjoying our Kiwi hospitality unbothered by the locals. They are just people…. really!


We are a multicultural country that embraces all forms of diversity. We are proud to be open-minded and accepting of people from different backgrounds, making it easier for you to experience a genuine local stay.

Kiwi Hospitality and Miles of Smiles in Queenstown 2

Willingness to Help:

Whether it's giving directions, suggesting places to visit, or assisting with any questions, we are typically more than happy to help you navigate your way around the country.

Engaging in Local Customs:

It’s not unknown for us to invite people we’ve just met home for a Sunday lunch. We’re good like that. We like to share and are proud of our indigenous origins, so don’t be surprised if you’re invited to participate in local or cultural customs, traditions, and activities!

Pride in Queenstown and our Country:

Yup, we are a proud nation. We are proud of our beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, and cultural heritage. And, of course, we are proud of our people. We consider that, for a nation of less than 5 million, we pack a punch on the international stage in sports, music, academia, and arts etc. If you are lucky enough to visit us during a NZ vs Australia Rugby match, then you’re in for a big treat. Pop into our reception and ask where the best place to watch the game is. It’s worth watching in a local pub for the atmosphere alone!


Should we write a disclaimer? Unfortunately, of course, we should! It’s absolutely true that while these characteristics are commonly associated with our famous 'Kiwi hospitality', you’ll always meet individuals that can have different personalities and attitudes. Not every person in New Zealand may exemplify these traits, but as a collective, we have earned a reputation for our welcoming and hospitable environment, and we are looking forward to sharing our Queenstown with you!