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Unlucky Nic?

Nicholas Paul Baltasar von Tunzelmann is another of our founding personalities of Queenstown, Otago. An explorer, an adventurer, courageous and pioneering - he crossed mountains and rivers and helped found one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world...

William Rees, Queenstown’s 'Founding Father'

It was the toss of a coin that set in motion an incredible set of circumstances for a young Welshman named William Rees. Choosing the right side of the coin toss would see Rees go on to become the most important name in Queenstown’s founding history. Today, William Rees is considered the founding father of Queenstown - his story is intrinsically linked with the story of Queenstown, and what it is today.

Foundation of Gold - A Region Built on Gold Mining

Otago, Queenstown and the Wakatipu region enjoyed a very short history of farming before one of the largest gold rushes in the world re-wrote much of the region's history and laid the foundations of our beloved town today...

In the Beginning... Ranginui And Papatūānuku

This is a great 2 Minute read on the Maori creation myth of Rangi + Papa, which explains the beginnings of the Maori World. Learn a little before your trip to our Queenstown apartments!

About Maori Mythology

NZ is rich in cultural heritage. It defines who we are today and how we interact with our natural environment. It's interesting and unique and worth the read! if you are coming to Queenstown, NZ, prepare yourself with these quick 2 minute cultural posts about Maori Mythology...

Lake Wakatipu: The Taniwha & The Lake That Breathes

Known as the ‘lake that breathes’, Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown New Zealand features its very own ‘tide’, despite being landlocked. It's rumored that a great Taniwha's (giant's) heart still beats at the bottom of the lake causing its mysterious ebb and flow...