Spring in Queenstown, NZ

Spring in Queenstown is when the region's landscapes come alive with vibrant colours. The snow on the mountains begins to melt, revealing lush green valleys and alpine meadows adorned with colourful wildflowers. This creates stunning and picturesque views, perfect for photography and hiking, and a more relaxed pace of exploring the region.

Temperatures can range greatly between 8°C and 22°C so make sure that you pack clothes that cover cooler temps to warmer days.  This is classic 4 seasons in one day, New Zealand weather, with slightly longer days - from early morning until around 7-8pm.

Spring is classified as the shoulder season in Queenstown, which means fewer tourists compared to the busy winter and summer months. This results in shorter lines, more affordable accommodations, and a more relaxed atmosphere - a perfect time to Come Stay and Play at Spinnaker Bay Apartments.


Visit out Apartments in Spring Queenstown New Zealand

Visit out Apartments in Spring Queenstown New Zealand


Surprisingly, most of the fun activities available to you during Summer are just as well served during spring.  and a few of the winter ones too - like spring skiing and boarding!  In fact, with lighter tourist numbers but pretty stable weather, Spring can sometimes be the magic months to travel to Queenstown and Arrowtown.   There is always the leftover winter snow, but the season is complimented by rich greens of new growth in the fields and the cute white lambs born into the warmer longer days.    It's a time we'd recommend that is well suited to pinot and pizza days, wine tasting and venturing further afield into Cromwell, Glenorchy and Arrowtown.

Overall, visiting Queenstown in spring allows you to experience the best of both the winter and summer seasons, with pleasant weather, stunning scenery, outdoor adventures, and a more relaxed atmosphere. It's an ideal time for travellers looking to avoid crowds while still enjoying the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that this remarkable destination has to offer.

Spring in Arrowtown New Zealand